Exit int command to end the program with a specific error code. Fixed source formatting tags in timeline strings reporting huge frame numbers at the end of the timeline. Disponible sur Macintosh uniquement. Traduit avec Google Translate. Timing logs, if enabled, are automatically saved at the end of capture. Libre de spyware, adware et virus. Added timing graph to visualize behavior of resync engine.

Nom: virtualdub 1.6.2 fr
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 55.83 MBytes

Logiciel gratuit de capture et de montage vidéo édité par la société Microsoft. Traduit avec Google Translate. VSO Media Player 1. Terme utilisé pour la compression des vidéos. L’affichage se fait en lignes entrelacées à raison de 25 images par seconde.

virtualdub 1.6.2 fr

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So why not upload a peice software today, share with others and get rewarded! Mises à jour sur VirtualDub Tweet. Ajouter info Site Officiel: VirtualDub Total des téléchargements: Libre de spyware, adware et virus. Cropping dialogs now auto-scale video that is too large to virtuqldub and use a dashed crop border for better visibility.


virtualdub 1.6.2 fr

There is now an option to avoid tearing in the video display panes. Exit int command to end the program with a specific error code. The list of statistics displayed in the info panel has been expanded and can be filtered from the Preferences dialog. Modified option to adjust video timing based on drift from ideal stream timing rather than real-time.

Reworked video timing interpolation to be less sensitive to discontinuities in the system timer. Added timing graph to visualize behavior of resync engine. Timing logs, if enabled, are automatically saved at the end of capture.

Increased precision of frame period selection from 1us to ns to reduce frame ft at device level when using DirectShow drivers. Backspace now works when entering channel numbers. It still cr for preview. Fixed job control virualdub itself if a menu command is chosen while a job is running, leading to possible reentrancy crashes. Clearing the current job list or loading a new one while a job was in girtualdub led to a crash.

Added a sticky option in Preferences for this. Filters were receiving inconsistent output frame numbers when using input preview or saving with a starting offset. Fixed crash when crop rectangle reduced filter input to smaller than 1×1. Fixed broken cropping in some modes of deinterlace filter.

Manually stopping a save operation will now also stop a running script, and cause a command-line task to return with an error code. Removed some hard-coded limits on frame rates in the Frame Rate dialog box.


Fixed minor memory leak when plugins fail to load.

Fixed yet another rare frame decoding error when ivrtualdub randomly in the timeline. Fixed crash when opening file with all CPU optimizations forced on.

[info] Virtualdub et les formats vidéo

The Video File emulation test capture driver is no longer a candidate for being saved as the driver to auto-start the next time capture mode is entered. Unicode filenames are now displayed properly in the title bar. Fixed random crash when modifying filter parameters with a WDM capture driver active in accelerated preview mode.

Fixed keyboard focus on startup so that entering channel numbers works again. Fixed instability on reporting errors when audio resampler is enabled. Fixed normal errors sometimes being reported as internal errors.

virtualdub 1.6.2 fr

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