Technicien en télécommunications Date d’inscription: Needless to say, we’re working on the issue, it’s not easy however. Shareaza à des droits d’accès à tous les ports dans tous les protocoles. Veuillez contacter l’administrateur si votre date de naissance a changé Futura Sciences. This workaround should solve the issues in 9 out of 10 cases.

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Et je regarde dans ZoneAlarm Pro. We proudly announce the release of Shareaza version 2. Ea sports intègre les défis de création d’équipes à son application companion l’application qui vous accompagnera durant toute la saison sur fifa 17 et son mode addictif ultimate team si sa version web est quelque peu décevante avec peu de nouveautés la version ios de fifa 17 companion est vraiment innovante. For a complete listing of all the changes, have a look at our change log: Panthera Project will be officially available on August 25th but in the meantime, temporary test builds are available here. See the link below for more information on this codec package: Le système est un Windows XP Pro légal full patch au jour du test.

Among the more than changes since the last version are improvements to our UPnP support, updates to compensate for wrongly encoded. These plugin updates include a new link shortener plugin.

It allows to copy a short URL from the … context menu of files in your download list and library. This allows you to easily share your downloads and library files with your friends on social networks, via email, in chat rooms fupl.

This even works on websites that do not allow the usage of Magnet file links.

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Other plugins that have seen notable updates are the SearchExport plugin and the VirusTotal plugin the latter one allows you to check files against the VirusTotal database for files containing viruses and other malicious content. Also, we have sadly removed our bitzi. Last but not least, we have made improvements to the plugins that extract metadata from the files in your library. This will allow for more precise file searches and more detailed search results in the future.

But enough talk about plugins. What else has seen changes? Well, the most noticeable change will probably be the download monitor windows popping up automatically when you start a download. If you don’t like them, they can be disabled on the « General » settings page.

Also, we have added an option that limits the number of opened search windows at one time to a specific number. This is due to many search windows causing the startup time to increase significantly.

In order to change this from the default value 10, just edit the respective advanced setting « Interface. To disable, set it to 0. Besides of these big visible changes, there have been many changes under the hood as well as a number of small optimizations and bug fixes. For a complete listing of all the changes, have a look at our change log: As always, 32 and 64 bit binaries are provided on our download page: We have made improvements to the Download Monitor Dialog: You can use the General Settings page now to choose whether you want it shown when starting a new download.


Also, its hide button now works more naturally and hides the Monitor in the tray instead of simply closing it.

Additionally, its context menu has seen improvements and it should be triggered now no matter the download source given the respective setting is selected. This includes support for wrongly encoded multiple trackers in the link.

The advances settings « Interface. BrowseWindowsLimit » can be used to control that limit. The default value is 10; 0 disables the limitation. This should improve the metadata available when searching for those file types in the network. It allows you to easily shorten a given link including magnets to a short URL using an external service provider.

This allows among other things to post magnets on locations that usually filter out magnet links, for instance on facebook. If you ever encounter such a torrent, remember that uTorrent isn’t even able to open those: It is possible now for plugins to interact with the download sharesza directly among other things.

Voluntary Live Sports Piracy Blocking Implemented in Portugal

A quick update on development in April: This should affect especially the UnRAR plugin, so you should see improvements there. This includes adding project files for VS and dropping Windows support.

Shreaza latter one was not our first choice, it is the only choice however that allows us to fully use the new features of the latest members of the Visual Studio compiler family. You may thank Microsoft for that.

If an other program using the same ports is shareazaa, Sharzeaza will automatically choose a random port to avoid conflicts. This will especially improve connectivity if multiple computers in a home network run a Shareaza using default settings. Making use of some of the new features SourceForge. Net added the past year is cool! You can have a look at our code base and development via the interactive code browser here: You can even see the code changes revision by revision and use RSS to stay up to date about the latest changes!

shareaza full

Compared to Shareaza 2. Also, Shareaza now offers support for MS Office compatible anti-virus applications making it more easy to scan your downloaded files automatically on download completion. Improvements have been made to sharraza connectivity, BitTorrent management and eDonkey up- and downloading.

Also, Snarl support has been added: For a full change log see: After more than 5 years of continuous development behind the scenes, the PeerProject fork has been released.

probleme avec shareaza

This means all of you can start testing our new features and bug fixes again — especially as there are so many of them that there might soon be a new stable version, once we got enough positive feedback! So get one of our debug builds today and report back to the forums if there are still issues you’d like to see fixed, because the more information we get about bugs, the faster we can g … et rid of them — fulp the faster there will be a new stable version.

Here’s where you can download the current debug builds: A quick update on our development: This should reduce the resources used by Shareaza. This has been addressed and uploading to eD2k should be shareqza again — and work even better than before, due to some optimizations in the process.


We have recently fixed several download related bugs and made a larger number of improvements within the same area.

The following bugs have been fixed: The following other improvements have been made: Thanks to all the people who have helped us by drawing our attention to the issues in question! We have shareazw the Discovery. EnableG1GWC advanced setting now and made Shareaza use these as fall-back by default if no other caches can be reached. This should solve a lot of the previously mentioned connection problems.

Also, we have a better filtering for invalid hosts now so broken caches cannot pollute our host cache that easy any more this doesn’t solve the foxy problem though – but we’re still working on that. For the exact code changes, plz have a look over here: Some users have reported that connecting to the gnutella and Gnutella2 networks has become more difficult over the past months.

Needless to say, we’re working on the issue, it’s not easy however. For those experiencing these connectivity problems, fulll suggest setting the Advanced Setting « Discovery. This should solve your connection problems.

shareaza full

This workaround should solve the issues in 9 out of 10 cases. If you’re still having troubles though, feel free to visit us on our forum, where we’ll gladly assist you on getting rid of the issue. This should fix some issues where preview images were not generated correctly. There have also been many updates and fixes to our media player. Now the volume and speed control work as they are supposed to, some freezing issues on unknown file formats have been fixed and a mouse middle click opens full screen mode.

Plz note that our media player relies on codecs installed on your system, so if it doesn’t play all files you’d like it to, we suggest installing the k-lite codec pack. See the link below for more information on this codec package: Sections de cette Page. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées?

Voir plus de contenu de Shareaza sur Facebook. Informations de compte oubliées? We proudly announce the release of Shareaza version 2. We proudly announce the new URL shortener plugin. Shareaza est à http: Debug builds are now available again, after Visual Studio compilation has been fixed! Shareaza has now experimental support for Snarl notifications! Whether it’s a disk on your computer reaching capacity, a new wireless network detected, a new Tweet that mentions you, post in a blog you’ve subscribed to or a Facebook update that’s tagged you – there’s stuff going on all the time.

Snarl breaks all of this down into a simple statement: Changeset — Shareaza. Fixed garbage « hosts » from broken Web-caches. K-Lite Codec Pack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. K-Lite Codec Packis a collection ofaudioandvideo codecsforMicrosoft Windowsthat enables theoperating systemand itssoftwareto play various audio and video formats generally not supported by the operating system itself.